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Jason Lloyd

Blogger, poet, and author of funny smut. Books that are out now: Salty Aftertaste, Queer Dirty Laundry, The Garden of Fibs and Sin, and Mixed Tape (Poetry) 

The Garden of Fibs and Sin is Available Everywhere!

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The Garden of Fibs and Sin: Filthy Fibbers, Prequel - Jason Lloyd

The Garden of Fibs and Sin is NOW available at all ebook retailers for $1.99*


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The Garden of Fibs and Sin


This garden of fibs and sin has roses that are red with blood.


Daniel Patrick Darling II is gorgeous, rich, and conceited, with just the right amount of bitch. You may think he has it all; friends, money, power, but all those things won’t help Danny when he mysteriously vanishes one night after hanging out with his best friends. Danny is loved by few, but unfortunately hated by many. Anyone could have been behind his disappearance.


This Filthy Fibbers prequel rewinds one day before Danny’s disappearance. Danny rendezvous with his ex-boyfriend and has a tryst with a new secret lover. He begins to receive threatening messages from an anonymous stalker that wants to destroy him and everyone he loves. Danny has had a privileged life and now his world is about to change forever.


Has Danny’s insidious past finally caught up with him? He can’t outrun what he did. Danny’s deadly secrets have deadly consequences and in this filthy garden full of thorns, someone is bound to be pricked.


***This novella is for adult audiences only. 

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