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Jason Lloyd

Blogger, poet, and author of funny smut. Books that are out now: Salty Aftertaste, Queer Dirty Laundry, The Garden of Fibs and Sin, and Mixed Tape (Poetry) 

Queer Dirty Laundry Pre-order and Contest

Queer Dirty Laundry - Jason Lloyd

Queer Dirty Laundry is now available for pre-order at the following retailers:

Visit these retailers to get your pre-ordered copy today! At some of the retailers you will be able to view the first couple chapters now, and the rest of the book on the actual release date June 12, 2014. All retailers have a pre-order sale price of $0.99. The price will go up to $1.99 on the actual ebook release date. Paperback edition is scheduled for release on June 12, 2014. 
*Due to Kindle Direct Publishing's terms and conditions only large publishers can place their books on sale as an actual pre-order. The book Queer Dirty Laundry is actually placed on sale as a pre-order purchase and the rest of the book will be added on the launch date by the publisher. Your credit card will be charged right away for $0.99 and you'll be able to view the first couple chapters. Information regarding the pre-order is located at the back of the book for kindle users. 

Pre-order Contest

Two winners will be selected to win an autographed print edition copy of Queer Dirty Laundry.
How to enroll into the contest
  1. Email jasonlloydbooks@gmail.com proof of purchase. Proof of purchase includes: Computer or smart phone screen shot of confirmation of pre-order purchase or a copy of the actual confirmation email of the pre-order purchase sent from the retailer. 
  2. Put "Pre-order contest" in the subject line of the email.
  3. In the email, please include the name, and email address you wish to be contacted by.
***A confirmation email will be sent to you when you are enrolled in the contest. The author is manually entering your name and email address into the contest. Contest winners will be chosen 6-13-2014 randomly using Splurgy.com.  You will receive an email if you win requesting your home address for delivery of the autographed book. This contest is open to anyone who pre-orders the book Queer Dirty Laundry. ALL participants will be emailed the 20% sampling of the ebook Queer Dirty Laundry just for entering. Participants may pre-order the ebook at multiple retailers to increase their chances of winning. Same rules apply. Proof of purchase at each retailer MUST be verified. 
If you have any questions at all please email: Jasonlloydbooks@gmail.com
Source: http://jasonlloydbooks.com